headshot of Joni Bruce

Joni Bruce

Executive Director

Joni has held the role of Executive Director since December 1997. She provides over-all management of OFN while partnering with the Board of Directors.

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headshot of Heather Pike

Heather Pike

Associate Director

Heather PIke is the Associate Director for the Oklahoma Family Network where she has worked for over 20 years. 

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headshot of Angela Donley

Angela Donley

Fundraising and Development Coordinator

Angela works for the OFN supporting families, providing professional and family trainings, and is currently working in the role of Fundraising and Program Development Coordinator.

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headshot of bonnie lemonds

Bonnie Lemonds

Business Manager

Bonnie is the Business Manager for OFN and is responsible for payroll, budgeting, accounts receivable and payable, and administrator of financial accounting/bookkeeping software systems.

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Administrative Support

headshot of Rhiannon Calfy

Rhiannon Calfy

Operations and Programs Assistant

Rhiannon is the Operations and Programs Assistant at OFN. She works across the organization to coordinate and design programs that help families.

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Sarah Hargis

Sarah Hargis

Finance Assistant

Sarah is the Finance Assistant at OFN. She works closely with the administrative team at the organization to ensure that OFN will be around for generations to come. 

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headshot of Amy Duncan

Amy Duncan

Central Regional Coordinator

For the past 11 years Amy and has worked for the Oklahoma Family Network (OFN), as the Central Regional Coordinator, Statewide Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and NICU Coordinators.

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headshot of Terri Kinder

Terri Kinder

Western Regional Coordinator

Terri Kinder is the Western Regional Coordinator for the Oklahoma Family Network.

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Lora Roberts

Lora Roberts

Eastern Regional Coordinator

Lora is the Eastern Regional Coordinator for OFN. Her passion is helping families not feel so alone.

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headshot of Kim Beeler

Kim Beeler

Infant Bereavement Coordinator

Kim Beeler is the NICU Bereavement Coordinator for the Oklahoma Family Network. She visits families in the NICU and provides bereavement support.

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Tana Hanson

Tana Hanson

Southeast Family Support Partner

Tana Hanson is the Southeast Family Support Partner. She is passionate about reaching families in rural areas and providing them with support and resources.

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headshot of Erin Parker

Erin Parks

Northeast Family Support Partner

Erin is the Northeast Family Support Partner for OFN and helps families with special needs and behavioral health care concerns.

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Tammy Cox Photo

Tammy Cox

Pediatric Oncology Hematology Family Support Partner

Tammy Cox is a Family Support Partner for oncology families. She is passionate about providing families with resources and support after a pediatric cancer diagnosis.

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headshot of tammie burlison

Tammie Burlison

Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Family Support Partner

Tammie is a Family Support Partner helping those navigate their family's journey with hearing loss.

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Erica Herrera

Latino Family Support Partner

Erica is the lead Latino Coordinator for OFN and she primarily works with the Latinx community providing family support, information and resources. 

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headshot of Renee Powell

Renee Powell

Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Assistant Coordinator

Renee Powell is part of the Early Hearing Detection & Intervention team and helps families of children with hearing loss. 

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Sucely Pic

Sucely Aldana

Latino Family Support Partner - Mental Health

I have been a pastor's wife for 15 years and have always been passionate about helping others. My children with special needs have driven me to advocate for those who need a voice for almost 10 years.

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Marlen Carpio

Marlen Carpio

OU Children’s NICU Family Support Partner

Marlen Carpio is the Family Support Partner for families in the NICU. She provides support and resources during a child's stay in the NICU.

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Anita Lena

Native American Coordinator

Anita is the Native American Coordinator for OFN. She assists Native American families with finding resources within their Tribes and outside of Tribes.

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Rachelle Photo

Rachelle Ali

Northeast Family Support Partner

Rachelle Ali is a proud mother of 4 wonderful children and 3 grandchildren. Rachelle has successfully navigated the child welfare and various court systems and is excited and proud to be able to help others do the same.

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Nancy Pic

Nancy Juarez

NE Latino Family Support Partner - Mental Health

Nancy works with Latino families providing emotional support, resources, and mental health information.

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headshot Tracy Whitaker

Tracy Whitaker

OU Children’s Pediatric Oncology Family Support Partner

Tracy coordinates family support for pediatric oncology. She is passionate about providing emotional support and other resources for other families.

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headshot of Tamra Crabtree

Tamra Crabtree

Integris Baptist NICU Family Support Partner

Tamra is OFN's NICU Family Support Partner who works primarily with families from INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center (IBMC) NICU. 

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headshot Ivonne Lira

Ivonne Lira

Latino Family Support Partner

Ivonne is a family support partner providing emotional support and guidance to Hispanic families when their children are diagnosed with autism or a healthcare need.

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Kevin Wittrock

Vice President

Maria Arroyo


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Jeff Roby

Past President

Athena Captain


Kelly Kimbrough


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Kodey Toney


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