Terri Kinder

Western Regional Coordinator

[email protected]

Terri Kinder Currently lives in Temple, OK, with her husband and youngest daughter. She also has 2 adult children that live outside the home. Terri’s oldest son was diagnosed with CMV & IgG Immune Deficiency. He faced many behavioral and medical challenges, and still struggles as an adult. She was young and unaware of resources or supports that were available at that time.

Through this journey with her own son, she understood the value of being informed, advocating for what he needed, and most importantly having a strong support system. Because of personal experience with her own children, Terri is able to empathize with these families who are walking a new and terrifying path in life. Terri has worked for the Oklahoma Family Network (OFN), as the Western Regional Coordinator since 2015. She helps to navigate resources and provide support, training & advocacy opportunities to families who have a child, or children, with any kind of disability, medical condition, & mental or behavioral health diagnosis.

In 2011 Terri co-founded the Rockin T Cure for Kids, a small nonprofit in southwest Oklahoma that provides resources for financial & emotional support to families who have a child with a chronic medical condition or accident, or Childhood Cancer. This is how Terri was connected to OFN, she was already serving families in Southwest Oklahoma. In 2016, Terri was honored with the Temple Citizen of the Year Award for her care and compassion for the people and needs of her community. Terri was also nominated for TARC Parent advocate of the year in 2020.

headshot of Terri Kinder