Community for Hearing Loss Awareness Training and Supports

CHATS Community for Hearing Loss Awareness Training and Supports

We want EVERY child with hearing loss to flourish by way of meeting the parents' and families' needs. Through the resources offered and providing family-to-family support, we hope to ensure that our caregivers and children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing not only have their needs met but can thrive together. Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) exists to identify infants with hearing loss or who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing as early as possible so families can make decisions that work best for them

Our staff and family support parents have walked the challenging path of having a child that is deaf, hard of hearing or losing hearing. They can provide a listening ear, share their experiences, ease your fears and give you hope.

We Provide Connections To:


Support Groups

Online Support


Awareness & Advocacy 

A baby getting their hearing tested

Our staff have been through similar situations
and it is our goal that no family goes through these things alone.

headshot of tammie burlison

Tammie Burlison

Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Family Support Partner (Oklahoma City Area)

Tammie is a Family Support Partner helping those navigate their family's journey with hearing loss.

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headshot of Renee Powell

Renee Powell

Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Assistant Coordinator             (Tulsa Area)

Renee is part of the Early Hearing Detection & Intervention team and helps families of children with hearing loss. 

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What We Can Do For You

Family Stories

*COMING SOON* Read about families all across Oklahoma who have endured this journey. 


Our resource directory lists organizations that provide help and support during the family's journey. 


*COMING SOON* Listen to stories from our families.

Parent-To-Parent Support

Connection to a Trained Support Parent who has a child with deafness, hard of hearing, or has hearing loss.