Christmas and Holiday Support

Year after year OFN is able to help families have food on their table and gifts for their children under the tree because of donors like YOU!

Families raising children with special healthcare needs and disabilities face many challenges throughout the year.  The cost of travel to medical appointments, extra therapies, equipment not provided by insurance, and the increase in basic cost of living does not leave much for extra things, even at Christmas.

Through the emotional support that our staff provides, we get to know many families and their stories here in our state and want to offer them some holiday hope and love this time of year.  Your donation can help provide a grocery gift card for the family to purchase Christmas dinner or for our staff to purchase items from the family's gift wishlist.

If you would like to sponsor a family or individual child this year we would love to pair you up and send you a wish list.  Please email Angela Donley for more information on adopting a family or child.  [email protected]

Your Donation Matters

Messages from our families

I can't believe how much was done for us!!  We appreciate this help more than words can describe!

Local Businesses Bless Families This Year!

A local business in Edmond contacted us about adopting a family this year.  They were able to support a local mom that our NICU family coordinator had been supporting while her little ones were in the NICU.  This business wrapped this family in so much love!  They supported not only the babies but provided for the mom and siblings as well!  A very special friendship has been created with these amazing ladies and their huge hearts for our families!

Messages from our families

Thank you!

Thank you for supporting our families