Oklahoma Family Network Endowment Fund


Create a legacy that will change lives!


OFN’s vision is for all families and children with special healthcare needs or disabilities to experience belonging in their community.  OFN believes that families with challenging circumstances deserve to be supported, educated, and loved.


Your Donation Matters

An endowment is like a savings account that only spends the
interest. Our Endowment fund with the Oklahoma City
Community Foundation grants us 5% of the fund each year.
The remainder continues to grow in value. When you give to
our endowment fund, you are giving a gift to our future!

Endowment funds are invested for long-term growth and
eventually give back more than is put into them. In this way,
your gift today will give back forever.

We believe in our mission and think you do too! Endowment is a
way to ensure that there will be support for our mission long into
the future.

A gift to our endowment will typically double in value in
14 years! 

There is no wrong way to support your
favorite charity(s), but how you give can
have a lasting impact.
An investment in an endowment can
provide long-term sustainable support
for an organization.

An annual $500 gift to support an organization’s operating expenses
has a total impact of $10,000 over 20 years.

logo for the Kirkpatrick Family Foundation

Kirkpatrick Family Fund Endowment Matching Grant

In January of 2022 Oklahoma Family Network was awarded a grant by the Kirkpatrick Family Fund that will match donations raised by OFN  3:1.  During this year OFN held many fundraisers and with your help, we were able to raise $75,000!  This was combined with $25,000 from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund to create the Oklahoma Family Network Endowment Fund.

The fund will be held at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.

logo for the Kirkpatrick Family Foundation

Thank you for supporting our mission, our network, and Oklahoma families!