Jamese Siranga

OU Children’s Family Support Partner (NICU)


Jamese Siranga currently lives in the Oklahoma City metro, she was born in Germany into a military family and spent most of her younger years living in other states and countries, but graduated from Union High School in Tulsa, and then graduated college from Southern Nazarene University.

She has a rich history of supporting families in the community and her focus has always been to strengthen the family unit, currently she serves our NICU families at OU Children’s Hospital. Jamese is a wife and mother to 3 amazing kids; her youngest child was born with Down Syndrome. Jamese has stated that after her daughter was born, “I was contacted by a member of OFN staff and was given the best support and encouragement as I cared for my little girl.”

Supporting families going through these difficult early years is something she enjoys and often shares that it was only 5 years ago that she too was in their shoes trying to hold it all together. Jamese is honored to be able to give back through the same organization that provided her with so much love and encouragement.

portrait of Jamese Siranga

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