Parenting a child with special needs or a disability requires having an empowered parent who will seek out information regarding their child’s diagnosis and the services and supports which when implemented will give their child the best outcomes possible. Early intervention is key as is education and discovery for the family.

OFN not only provides training for families of children with special needs and the professionals who serve them, but also for those who want to serve in a consultant role to assure services and supports from agencies, hospitals, and other community organizations are being provided in a way that individuals and families prefer.  Below is a list of available training. Please see the OFN calendar to see dates in your area. If you would like to attend a training not scheduled in your area, contact OFN at 405-271-5072 or 877-871-5072 to find one in a nearby area or to schedule one in your area.

Care Notebook

Care Notebook Documents

Care Notebook Workshop

Every citizen in Oklahoma needs a Care Notebook.  If you are caring for someone with special health care needs or disabilities you need one even more.  Individuals and families get information and paperwork from many sources. Participants of this workshop are provided tools to organize their most important information in a central place, making it easier for them to find and share key information with others who are part of their loved one’s care team. Providers and families alike will benefit from this workshop as they receive all documents to maintain care notebooks on a CD to take home for future updating.

Community Resources for an Effective Transition to Adulthood

Participants learn information regarding resource agencies and organizations who encourage families and students through an effective secondary transition and support the efforts of staff empowering youth and families to adulthood.

Families Empowered

When families feel empowered… typically students have a feeling of empowerment which makes the professional’s life easier! Learn tips to improve family involvement and partnerships.

Financing Health Care Resources

More information on how to finance health care and other services needed to improve access to care for Children with Special Health Care Needs or disabilities.

Supporting Parent Training

The goal of this training is to build a statewide network of family members who are prepared to support those who have a child a bit younger than theirs that has a similar disability or special health care need.  This is the first step in family leadership with OFN and often brings much joy to both participants.

Transition Care Notebook Training

Transition Care Notebook

For those transitioning to adult care

Joining Forces:  Supporting Family Professional Partnerships Conference

The Conference mission is to provide leadership skills and opportunities to promote family/professional partnerships throughout Oklahoma.

Joining Forces Powerpoint

Telling Your Story Training

Families want to be able to confidently share their story during their child’s IEP meeting, an office visit with a new provider and many other times in their life.  Following this training, individuals are able to clearly articulate their needs or their story in many different venues.


If you would like to visit with another family that has a child with similar issues that your child is dealing with, please contact us at 405-271-5072 or 877-871-5072.