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The Oklahoma Family Network provides emotional and informational support to families raising children with special needs, primarily, by matching parents seeking support to an experienced, trained, Support Parent.  Training is provided as well as opportunities for families to use their wisdom in leadership roles. Empowered, knowledgeable families are able to partner with the professionals who serve their children more successfully than those who are not as knowledgeable regarding their child’s issues and the services for them.  The first step in gaining knowledge for families of children with special health care needs is often reaching out to other families with a child a little older than theirs.  The OFN assists families in finding others who are just a little ahead of them to support them in finding resources and understanding the issues their child may deal with as they grow and develop.  Our hope is that as families are supported, they will come back later and support others.  As their leadership development skills emerge, OFN is here to help parents find opportunities to partner with agencies, hospitals and other organizations to support the organization’s desire to have family-friendly, excellent services. Feel free to contact our office when you believe you are ready to take that next step toward expanding your leadership skills and opportunities for partnerships.

The Joining Forces Conference is a great place to partner with professionals who serve families of children, including those with special needs.   The mission of the conference is to provide leadership skills and opportunities to promote family/professional partnerships throughout Oklahoma.

For more information, contact OFN at 405-271-5072 or 877-871-5072


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